Steam Locomotives | Luscombe Valley Railway, Poole, Dorset

One man's ambition ...
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Luscombe Valley Railway Locomotives

luscombe steam in poole dorset

SR Schools Class ‘Tonbridge’ 905

This latest and final addition to the locomotive stable was purchased from Lancashire at the end of 2008.

It is a very fine example of model engineering built by the late Jack Mercer in 1973 in Kent.

It's a good runner and performs best on longer tracks where it can stretch its legs.

Tonbridge 905 Steam Train

GWR 1500 Class 'Speedy'

The late Rev. Long built ‘Speedy’ in 1968. Richard has owned her from new. In her life she has had two major overhauls and two boilers.

She is the maid of all work and can be regularly seen hauling at Luscombe Valley Railway.

In the picture Brian Merrifield can be seen at the controls rounding the curve alongside the main station at LVR.

Speedy SR Schools Class

1400 Class GWR Autotank

The 1400 came in kit from from Modelworks in 1998. Richard started the model by constructing the frames.

The locomotive was finished off by David James and Brian Merrifield.

She is intermittently in and out of service and is currently being preserved by Chris Apps.


Class 73 Electro/diesel

This battery powered locomotive was commissioned from Dave Knight and was handbuilt in 2005. The body is crafted from wood with running gear provided by Maxitrak.

She operates off two batteries in series creating 24 volts. The control is by 4QD. She has had the gear boxes modified, which now run in an oil bath. She is a popular locomotive in her Pullman livery and named ‘Brighton Evening Argus’.

Class 73 Electro/diesel


The majority of the stock, purpose built passenger trolleys in Pullman livery with working table lamps are designed to carry four adults.

In addition to these are the short, one-person trolleys, known as driving trucks, on which the coal and additional water supply can be carried with, of course, the driver.

There are also a small number of goods wagons and scale passenger coaches, which are hauled around the track – purely for show.

rail stock