Road Steam - Steam Cars - Steam Vehicles at Luscombe Valley Railway, Poole, Dorset

One man's ambition ...
... to keep the dream of steam alive

Luscombe Valley Road Steam

luscombe steam in poole dorset

The collection comprises four vehicles - all licensed to travel on public roads.

After 6 years and over 7,500 hours of restoration 'Alice' emerges from a collection of an engine, some lamps, bits of steam plant, odometer and various other bits & pieces.

This STANLEY MODEL R of 1909 arrived from the workshops of Steve Baldock in Daventry at the end of June. To see the quality of the engineering is a testament to Steve's exceptional skills as demonstrated in the accompanying photograph.

Stanley Model R


On the right is the first member of the full size car section is this two seater, a full-sized replica of a "Locomobile" steam car of 1902.

Fired by a modern kerosene fuelled burner it creates the steam to power a two cylinder simple engine which can push her along up to a maximum of 30 mph on well–surfaced roads.

'Jessamine' was built over a period of two years and completed in May 2008 by my long time friend Ron Challener – pictured here with his partner Jess after whom the car is named.

Steam car

Foden Inspired

The second member of the collection is the Foden "Showmans" wagon - a one third full size model based on the Foden in its last incarnation of around 1930 with pneumatic tyres and Akerman steering is completed by a 240 volt generator and working lights.

Road steam lorry

Foster Crane Engine

The third member of the road steam collection and the oldest is the one third full size Foster Crane Engine.

This is the oldest model in this part of the collection having been built in 1992 and purchased in 1994.

Originally without a crane, the jib was added in 2002. Second complete rebuild completed in early 2019.

Steam crane


“It is with sadness that I must report that Steve Baldock,driving the car in the picture died of testicular cancer on November 1st 2018, the day before his 62nd birthday. We will proudly display the Model R you restored for me, in your honour. There is now a plaque mounted on the car as a remembrance to you my friend, Steve.”

Steam car