00 Railway | Luscombe Valley Railway, Poole, Dorset

One man's ambition ...
... to keep the dream of steam alive

Luscombe Valley 00 Railway

luscombe steam in poole dorset

Averton Hammer, the 00 gauge railway is based on various sections of the old Somerset and Dorset Railway.

It was started in 2002 after seeing an article in 'Railway Modeller' which inspired me to create a railway running in the coutryside rather than how much track can I get in a minimal space!

00 railway layout

There is a comprehensive roster of locomotives and rolling stock, which is all controlled via the now adopted DCC digital system. Richard's wife Connie can be seen at the controls.

It was conceived as a railway running mostly in the open countryside and features a scale length viaduct and various locations on the S & D.

00 railway

It is wonderful to observe the faces of the young children admiring the detail of all the scenery and locomotives rushing by.

00 railway